About Us

At ICHIDO, we pride our pursuit of excellence and legacy of crafting unique flavors steeped in global heritage. Hundreds of tastings in more than 60 countries have honed our expertise, resulting in a unique sweet-sour flavor and a delicate foam. 

Japan's appreciation for sparkling beverages has grown steadily in the past 50 years. At ICHIDO, we see boundless potential in sparkling sake and strive to elevate its status and offer options to enchant sake and Champagne aficionados alike. Just as rice pairs with a broad spectrum of dishes, sparkling sake is the perfect complement to any meal or celebration.  

Our sake is crafted naturally, without additives, to preserve its authentic taste and essence.

Ichido’s natural fermentation process produces and retains optimal levels of amino acids, ferulic acid, adenosine, and peptides.

Our flavors are designed to complement a broad spectrum of dishes, including Japanese cuisine, ensuringour creations enhance the meal's essence with their pure taste.

Kaori Shimazaki

Crafting Connection and Flavor with ICHIDO Sparkling Sake

With an innovative drive honed at the Booth School of Business and a deep respect for cherished Japanese traditions, Kaori Shimazaki pioneered Ichido Sparkling Sake during the dynamic sake renaissance. 

With a global vision of bridging cultures and generations, Kaori redefined the essense of sake, creating an approachable product for novices and aficionados alike. With the partnership of Ninki Shuzo, the Fukushima brewery founded in 1897, Kaori merged tradition and innovative culinary expertise for Ichido’s unique flavor profile.  

Ichido sparkling sake seamlessly blends heritage and contemporary tastes to complement a diverse array of culinary experiences.

Each sip of an Ichido sparkling sake is a celebration of craftsmanship, heritage, and culinary artistry.